BY Nico Law

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Task 1

The Blue whale is a living thing because it can grow and develop, reproduce, respond, and is made up of one or more cells.
Grows and devolps: The blue whale when born is only 7 meters long and weights 25 metric tons and when they have fully grown they are 27 meters i lenght and wieighs 150-170 metric tones.
Reporduce: Blue whales mating season starts in late autumn and ends in winter. Blue whales start to repourduce when the are the age of 8 to 10 years old.

Respond: Blue whales respond by adapting to the differant water tematures in the ocean.

Made up of one or more cell: Blue whales have one or more cell just like any other living organism because cells help the living organism survive.

How does the blue whale meet its basic needs?
The basic need of Shelter: The blue whale shelters himself in the water staying away from the harsh wheater and only coming up to breath. The blue whale lives in the Indian ocean and the South Pacific ocean.

The basic need of water: Blue whales just drink the water out of the ocean where they live

The basic need of air: Blue whales can hold there breath up to 46 minutes. Then they swim to the the sky and then when they are at the top of the water they take a breath and swim back down.

The basic need of food: Even though the blue whale is the biggest animal of the ocean it cant eat big animals because thet don't have any teeth so they hunt small animals like krill which normaly hang around in large packs.

Task 2:
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Kingdom Animilia- This means that the blue whale is an animal and is multicellar
Phylum:Chordata- This means that the blue whale a vertabrate(backbone)
Class:Mammalia- This means that the blue whale is a warm blood animal and breaths air.
Order:Cetaeca-This means that the blue whale is a large sea animal.
Family:Balaenopteridae- This means that the blue whale is apart of the whale family.

Here is alittle video about the blue whale:

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Task 3
external image 20090304-life-sized-blue-whale-eye.jpgOne of the special features of the Blue Whale is its big mouth which allows it to catch an abundance
of crill at once. Another one is its size which allows the blue whale to have no natural enemys. These special features help the blue whale to survive by having a big mouth you can catch alot of things at once and also allows the blue whale to get as much food as posibile. The size help it survived by allowing it to not worry about any preadators so it does not have to hide or be scared.The Blue whale has no hads or feet it has flipers. Flipers help them swim faster to eat kril in the bottom of the ocea. Blue Whales have no noise they have a blow hole at the top of there head.