The Blobfish is one of the worlds most strangest animals to ever to excist. But the Blobfish is on the
edge of extinction. Blobfish's are mostly found in Australia and Tasmania, also they are rarely found
because they live just off the sea bed at the depth of 800 meters, other fishes could not live there
because they can't with stand the pressure of the deep. The Female Blob Fishes are very interesting because she will lay thousands of eggs and acutally stay with them, becuase unlike some other fishes they leave there eggs. But not only she stays around the eggs she also lays on them to keep them warm. The Blobfish is a very unique fish by it's human like face there's no other fish that looks like the Blobfish thats why it is a unique fish.

cooltext592736031.png: The Blobfish usually eats anything smaller than it such as schrimp or much smaller animals, but the blobfish eats anything in front of him unless its bigger than himself.

: The Blobfish's shelter is sometimes caves or just off the sea ground.


: The Blobfish has an amazing way of breathing water it doesn't have gills but mostly every 8 minutes or so the Blobfish sucks up all the water it can (exactly like a sponge) and thats how it gets its water.

cooltext580826654.png: If the Blobfish is ever taken out of water it will die instantly and the body of the Blobfish will dry up very quickly.

cooltext580827483.png: The Blobfish is able to respond by either swimming away or by trying to eat what's attacking him/her.


The Blobfish is a Animalia that mean's that the Blobfish is a animal.

A Chordate/Chordata is the back bone and a spinal chord that a lot of animals have.
Actinopterygii mean's that the Blobfish is a rather bony fish inside.


The Blobfish is also a Scorpaeniformes, that means that the Blobfish is
on the edge of extinction.

Psychrolutidae means that the Blobfish is a fathead or fathead culpins witch includes the Blobfish

Psychrolutes means deep so that means the Blobfish is a fish that lives
very deep in the water.



The Blobfish has a very special feature it's alway's swiming just a foot of the sea bed just off the coastof Australia it is able to live of the dept of 800 meters down. It has a home, it usually live's in huge cavesunder water. Also it has a sense that can detect if something large or small is swiming around them. Thespecial thing about the Blobfish is it has the sense to detect and when it does detect it put it's face in the sandsea bed, then begginns to dig when it's whole body is under the sand it's pretty much invisible. Because itis picht black 800 meters deep!