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The Basilisk Lizards is the only animal that can run on water and it uses its
webbed feet and lighting fast speed to flee from its predator.
It responedes by using quick feet so that when a predator is trying to get the basilisk lizard it can just run on the water to get away . The predator has no choice but to stop chasing it .


The reproduction of the basilisk lizard is very simple . The female lizard will dig a hole very deep and usaually lays 18-20 eggs. They gently apply small amouts of soil and then after that there is no more parental care. They will hatch from 8-10 weeks later then they will need to teach themselves how to live alone .


The basilisk lizard is always growing and developing. The main thing that makes the lizard grow is the diet the food . The Lizard is a carnavoir it eats insects , small lizards and other small animals . After days and days of good eating the basilisk lizard will grow . But there is a max size they grow to and that it about the size of a small sized ruler .


The basilisk lizard is made up of many many skin cells and body cells. they are constintly sheeding and reproducing more and more of the skin and body cells .

The four needs of the basilisk lizard are Food Water Air and Shelter

The shelter of the basilisk lizard's shelter is in the trees where he can be safe from predators

The lizard goes to a water source to get his water like a lake or pond

The basilisk lizard gets air thought oxygen like humans they have no gills

Food of the basilisk include insects and small animals they are very easy to get because of it's lighting fast speed

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As you can see the basilisk lizared using it's tremendous speed to run acrosse the water

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The Basilsk lizard is Animalia, this means the Basislisk lizard is a animal.


The Basilisk lizard is Chordata, that means that my animal has spinal chord and a back bone.


The Basilisk lizard is Vertabrta, this means that it has a back bone.


The Basilisk lizard is Reptilia, that means that it is a reptile that lays shelled eggs.


The Basilisk is Squamata, this means that this animal has scaled skin these include iguanas and snakes.


The Basilisk lizard is Iguania, this means that the lizard is also connected with the iguanas based on the characteristics.


The Basilisk lizard is Corytophanidae, this means a lizard with a helmate shaped head with a extra layer of skin on the head with looks like a helmate.


The Basilisk lizard is Basiliscus, this means the " Little King " because of the lighting fast speed that it uses to run across water.


I think very special feautures of that Basilisk Lizard includes, it's lighting fast speed that the Basilisk lizard incounters everyday. it uses his webbed feet to monewver across water. The basilsk lizard is one the only living creatures that can walk on water. It has a helmate type head that is arrowdinamic for the basilisk lizard to gather speed easier . The good part about having the kind of speed this lizard has is so that you can catch preys in a instant and is not very hard, also the Basilisk Lizard never gets caught because it just simply runs away. In picture two you can see another amazing atribute of the Baslisk Lizard it's tail snaps up and down so that the basilsk lizard can feel the water and stay more balenced becuase at top speeds it's not very easy to control yourself , basicly it just helps the lizard stay balenced at the top that he gets up to everyday.