Bandicoot!!!!! <3

Grow and develop - When bandicoot is born it's really small,tinyand hardly developed at all, but as they grow they get little bitbigger and start to get more fur.

One or more cells - Bandicoots have many different cells like hair cellsblood cells skin cells and many more.
Bandicoot's shelter picture :)
Reproduce - Female bandicoots can reproduce at about four monthsof age.A female may mate with several different males.Pregnancyis one of the shortest of all animals-from twelve days to a few weeks.

Respond- Bandicoots can get scared really easily, especially
Bandicoot as a baby

when you get closer to them (as seen on video)

Bandicoot Meeting It's Basic Need
Meeting the need for water- Bandicoot gets water by just going to the river and drinking it from his tongue.Meeting the need for air- Bandicoot can get air everywhere he goes, he just has to breathe through his nose and lungs.Meeting the need for food - They search on the ground looking for insects,spiders,seeds,and other similar food.When looking for food they dig in the soil and rummage in the fallen leaves on the ground.They hold their food in their front paws to eat it.Meeting the need for Habitat- Bandicoots live on the ground in areas where there are low-growing plants.In some parts of Australia, they even visit people's gardens.

Kingdom-AnimaliaLiving things in Kingdom Animalia are multicellular,eat other living things and plants and have some sortof a well fixed structure.
Phylum-ChordateBandicoot has a vertebrate (spine/backbone)

Class-MammaliaBandicoot has hair cells, that all of the Mammals have.They are warm blooded animals, Bandicoots
give birth to live young, and they all nurse their young. They have a wide range in feeding styles and preferences.

Order-Paramelemorphia Bandicoots are active mainly during the day, All members of this order live alone, coming together only for a short time to mate.

Peramelidae is the family of marsupials that contains
all of the extant bandicoots.
One known extinct species of bandicoot, the Pig-footed Bandicoot,
was so different than the other species that it was recently moved into its own family.

Special Feautures about BandicootWhat makes the bandicoot's features unique are it'slong a tapered snout and toes being joined on the backfeet. This enlarged toe allows the bandicoot to runat high rates of speed.
The long tapered snout and toes being joind together on the
back feet helps bandicoot to survive because, without having
a long tapered snout and toes being joined on the back feet
bandicoot would't be able to run faster from predators and that
means predator would catch the bandicoot and eat it or kill it.