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Well the eye-aye is a interesting animal it looks like a monster may be a chukacabra but its not, this animal lives in madagascar and they are rare. they are just like us, they are related to monkeys, humans, and apes. food the aye-ayes eat small bugs which thay get from trees. They stick there long finger in the tree and bugs crawl on to it. a other thing they love is cucumbers and thats a fact.shelter Aye-ayes live in rain forest trees inside of a nest that they make out of leaves.Air the Aye-ayes have lungs just like humans.WaterThe Aye-aye gets water from its cucumber that it or more cell the eye eye das have more than one cell just like humans and monkeys reprouduce femails breed every 2 or 3 years 170 days after breading whit a mail the chield is born the baby sukles milk from his or her mother for about 7monts. grow the eye eyes do grow but thay stay the same.the eye eyes might look cute but just like every wild animal they are dangerous


kingdomanimalia the kingdom of the animals

Phylumchordata chordata means that this animal has a backbone just like you (not all aanimals have back bones

Classmammalia mammilia is just a fancy word for mamals

Orderprimates priemates are in the family of ape

Family daubentoniiade

this is a hand of a aye-aye
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as i said one big special feature of the aie-aie is his fingers there fingers are long and very strong thay use there fingers to get food
by picking into the wood just like a wood pecker. this helps the eye-aye get its food