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Black Rhinos animals because they are apart of the Animalia kingdom.The black rhinos latin name is Diceros bicornis. Black rhinos skin type are leather.Their alternative name is Hook-lipped Rhinoceros. They are apart of the Rhinocerotida family.They have 82 chromosomes in their body.They live in Kenya,Tanzania,Cameroon and South Africa.They live in densely wooden areas.Their are 3,610 black rhinos left in the wild and 179 are in captivity. Black rhinos live to 25-40 years in the wild and live up to 50 years in captivity.
Black Rhinos can weight betweeen 1750 and 3000 pounds and stands between four and half to six feet.Black rhinos are herbivorous and have agressive attitude.Black rhinos front horns are 50cm( 20 inches) long.They enjoy eating shurbs,fruit,leaves and flowers. Black Rhinos are known to eat up to 220 diffrent species of plant. They can live up to 5 days without water. After a gestation period of 15-16 months the black rhino will give birth. Black Rhinos have
bad eye sight but good hearing.