Black Mamba

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Black Mamba Characteristics

The black mamba is a living thing because it responds, can reproduce, can grow and develop, and is made of one or more cells


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the black mamba responds to other animals by attacking them if they threaten it or if the animal gets too close

the black mamba reproduces like this: First, the male inspects the female with its forked tongue. Then, after a successful copulation, the eggs develop in the females body for 60 days.

Grow and Develop

A black mamba can grow to about 14 Meters long. They live for about 12 - 15 years.

Basic Needs


The black mambas diet consists of mostly small rodents and birds.


The black mamba uses abandoned termite mounds or hollow trees for shelter


The black mamba breathes through the two nostrils above its mouth.


The black mamba gets its water from the animals that it eats.

The black mamba eats small rodents, has a multicellular structure and has a fixed shape.

The black mamba does not have a backbone, however it does have spinal columns which support its back without sacrificing flexibility.


Class:ReptiliaThe black mamba is a reptile because it has scaly skin, it lays eggs, and its cold blooded

Order:SquamataThe black mamba is in the squamata because it is a reptile withe scaly skin

Suborder:SerpentesThe black mamba is in the serpentes order because it is a legless reptile

Family:ElapidaeTHe black mamba is in the elapidae because it is a venomous snake


Species:D. polylepis

Special Adaptations

The black mamba's special adaptations are that it has a neurotoxin that is very deadly. It also has a very flexible body so it can escape predators.