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DIETThe Inland Taipan's diet mostly consists of small rodents, small mammals and the occasional bird. One accurate strike of the fangs have enough venom to
kill. Inland Taipans bite their prey retreats to let it die, then, goes in to eat.
WATERThe Inland Taipan gets water from its prey and occasionally from streams.AIRLike all snakes, the Inland Taipan usually only has 1 functional lung. They don't have a diaphram like humans do, so they need to use their muscles to expand and contract their lung.SHELTERThe Inland Taipan can usually be found in abandoned animal burrows, fissures, crevices and sinkholes in the South-West part of Queensland, Australia.

It has its 1 functional lungGets its venom by using its venom glands located beside their fangsUses its scales as a form of camouflage, a form of protection and helps keep moisture inThe scales are smooth and glossy which helps it not make any noise while stalking its preyHas the ability to change skin colour to suit season such as lighter in summer to cool off and darker in winter to take in heatUses his tongue to smell which send a chemical message to the brain
BEHAVIORS OF THE INLAND TAIPANGoes in, bites its prey, leaves and comes back to eat after prey diesAfter biting prey, leaves so it avoids possible injuries from the spasming body of the bitten preyIs very shyOnly bites if threatened by others or provokedDoesn't seek out humans to attackHOW THESE HELP IT SURVIVESends a windpipe op to breath while eating preyHelps it down its prey fasterHelps hide from predators, protects if found by predators and won't dehydrate as fastHelps it hide and attack prey when least expectedHelps it not overheat or get too coldHelps it smell and tell the difference between predator and preyHelps it by getting a food source that won't fight backHelps it avoid possible injury which may be life threatening to it
Helps it avoid many deaths by humans
Helps it save venom for when actually needed
Helps keep its population up because no one will find it just to kill it because they will have no proper reason