Inland Taipan
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The Inland Taipan reproduces depending on their diet. The more they eat, the more eggs are laid. Inland Taipan's can lay 1-24 eggs. It takes about 2 months for them to hatch. The eggs are usually laid in abandoned animal burrows or in deep crevices.

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The Inland Taipan responds by defending itself from predators with its speed and its deadly, venomous bite. 1 bite is enough to kill ecause the venom clots the blood blocking the blood vessels and uses up the clotting factor. It is also very highly neurotoxic. There were absolutely no known survivors of a Taipan bite before antivenene was developed and, even then, victims of the bite often required extended periods of intensive care.

This Video Shows an Inland Taipan biting a man.

Grow and Develop

The Inland Taipan can reach stunning lengths of up to 3 meters.
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1 or more cells

The Inland Taipan has skin cells, eye cells, muscle cells and blood cells.
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